Great Service Can Bring a Customer Back

As I write this, I am sitting in my local KFC. I haven’t been here for at least a year. The service in the past was not good. Today I thought I would give them another chance and maybe get a blog post about it. I was right and in a positive way.

Here is a little background on my past experiences over the last 10 years or so. I’ve come to the drive thru on a Saturday night and it was coned off. This happened 3 times in one year. Sometimes you go through the drive thru because you want to grab food for the family but stay in sweats and a ponytail. Having to go in when you look like really shabby isn’t my ideal.

Another time, I ordered something from the drive thru and was told to pull around we will bring it around. They forgot. I was right in the first spot and finally went in after 15 minutes. I did get a free cake, but really they forgot me?

Ok last one, this is supposed to be a positive post. It was a busy night, they were clearly understaffed. (That’s why the drive was closed those other times.) The manager walked behind the counter in street clothes, takes money out of the register and leaves. I’m sure I don’t know the whole story, but perception is a big part of service. He could have helped them and the money out of the register?

Now back to tonight’s visit. The young lady that greeted me was super friendly. I knew this was going to be a good visit. They discontinued something I like but she was really sweet about it. She hit all my points: smile, eye contact, friendly, nice greeting, good cash handling, acknowledledged customers when she couldn’t get right to them, and offered extras when handing me my food.

As I sit and eat and write, another young lady takes over the register she is good too, she just misses the greeting and gets straight to “will you be dining in.” She still gets an A.

The food was good and the service was on point. I will be back. Had it not been, I would probably wait another year to come back.

Way to go ladies you changed the mind of a former disappointed customer. I won’t be sharing my bad service stories anymore. I will talk about the nice ladies and the turn around in customer service. That’s how it’s done.

One response to “Great Service Can Bring a Customer Back”

  1. I LOVE hearing great customer service stories, especially in places where you can understand why you might not get good service. It really is amazing how a quick smile and true attention can make or break a moment. A person who’s great at customer service will be great wherever they work.


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