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  • You Are Always on Stage

    You Are Always on Stage

    Disney calls their staff “cast members” to remind them they are always on stage. Something people in front line customer service easily forget is that  someone is always watching you. As creepy as it sounds, you need to always be aware you are on stage.  Here is something that happened today: I’m sitting at one of […]

  • Great Service Can Bring a Customer Back

    As I write this, I am sitting in my local KFC. I haven’t been here for at least a year. The service in the past was not good. Today I thought I would give them another chance and maybe get a blog post about it. I was right and in a positive way. Here is […]

  • It Starts with a Smile – Customer Service Basics – Step 1

    It Starts with a Smile –                                      Customer Service Basics – Step 1

    All good customer service starts with a smile. A smile relaxes people. It also lets customers know you are there to help. It will make your job a lot easier too. A smile puts you and your customer in a better frame of mind. Have you ever come to work not feeling well, frustrated with […]