Money with Mom

Debbie with a $2 bill

I have changed the scope of the website to include in addition to customer service, how to get a job, rock that job, and what to do with the money you earn. Today is the day I am launching the first video in my Money with Mom series. Recently I have seen a lot of memes on Facebook and Instagram about how money should be taught in school. My first thought was “no, your parents should teach you that.” Then I realized there were things that I hadn’t taught my kids about money and I knew young adults that had questions about buying a house, but since their parents had always rented, they couldn’t learn from their parents. I know I don’t look like everyone’s mom, but I am a mom, so in my video series we will sit down at the kitchen table, and talk money. The series will include topics such as cash basics, checking accounts, student loans, and how to buy a house. In addition to the video series, I will provide a written recap of some of the videos for those that would rather read about the topic.

If there is something you wish your parents had taught you or you were taught and you think young adults should know, please let me know in the comments.


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