Just Eat the Chocolate

Me finally making a business out of teaching people about customer service is like when you want chocolate, but you want to eat healthy, so you eat a bunch of stuff that you aren’t really satisfied with, then you end of eating the chocolate. I have come up with a bunch of  business ideas over the years. I’ve made plan after plan after plan. I have even participated in a few MLM’s. Heck, I majored in Business and specialized in Entrepreneurship with the plan to open a night club with live music. I have pretty much driven my family crazy with making grand statements about my next business venture. I’m sure at this point if I said too much before having a lot of action, they would just roll their eyes and think “not again”. 

When I look back, it wasn’t the idea of running the nightclub, making desserts, or selling card making supplies that got me excited. It was all of the ways I could make someone happy with those businesses. Trust me I wasn’t thinking about accounting processes or inventory tracking systems. I was thinking about the smiles on the little kids faces as I was making caramel apples in the window and then handing  out free samples. Ultimately, it’s about serving the customer part that lights the fire.

So it all goes back to my first job at a movie theater. I knew I was good and serving customers. I also saw other staff that could use some tips. I had drafted a customer service handbook to help, but ended up getting a professional job and not doing anything with it. So here I am. After all these years, I’m finally eating the chocolate and sharing it with you.

What’s your chocolate? Share it in the comments section.

5 responses to “Just Eat the Chocolate”

  1. I am so excited for you! Can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store. 🙂

    My chocolate? Writing novels. It’s a compulsion. I think I don’t even care if anyone reads any of it (not many have). 🙂

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